Web Applications

Current America: currentamerica.herokuapp.com/ - The problem that we are fixing here is that there is plenty of data and information out there about energy generation across the US, it's just very hard to read and digest from these government sites. So we took all this data in from 1990 to 2014, and used an interactable US map to help show the energy generation per state. Users can compare two states during one year, or one state over two different years. The pie graphs then show what type of energy they generated that year.
Tech: MongoDB, Heroku, Github, Git, CSS3, HTML5, AngularJS, Skeleton, ChartJS, Datamaps, NPM, Gulp, Mongoose.

Imprints Team: imprintteam.herokuapp.com/ - Our group, wanted to make something like a guest book. When you're somewhere with a guest book you sign in and leave your mark/impression of the place saying that you were at there. We wanted to make something similar. This application lets the user sign in with either facebook, or native login, and then make an imprint of a place, bar, art, nature pretty much anywhere with wifi or celluar service. From there you can only write on that guest book if you are within a certain distance from the guestbook, unless you made it.
Tech: KnexJS, Passport, OAuth, HTML5, CSS3, Swig, Bcrypt, Vanilla JS, Google Maps API, Geo Location, Gulp and NPM.

Hypebeast Tracker: hypebeast-tracker.herokuapp.com/ - As I am very interested in fashion, especially streetwear, when twitter came in to talk about their API this is immediately what i thought about. This application lets the user see the tweets that have one of the five brands included in them and easily compare how often one is mentioned in twitter. User gets a radar graph and legend to see the amount of tweets, along with an area to see who tweeted it and what the tweet said. This is a basic data visualization application based off the twitter stream api and the content of the tweet.
Tech: HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Sockets, Twitter Api, and Chart.JS